We give hope to patients and their families suffering from disease with a low level of drug satisfaction

Disease with a low drug contribution level and a low satisfaction level to the treatment is referred to as “disease with unmet medical needs”. Although these diseases are difficult to cure with the traditional small molecule pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals, some of them are treatable with the advancement of regenerative medicine. Regience gives hope to patients and their families by developing these drugs.

We aim to develop innovative products in the field of regenerative medicine of the next generation and become a leading company in this field

Regience is focused on developing regenerative medicine. We would like to grow up to become a company that has a line-up of autologous cultured (patient’s cells) products and allogeneic cultured (other person’s cells) products for each organ in the future. We believe that regenerative medical products would evolve from those using cells to those enabling replacing a whole organ. There are so many problems yet to be solved under the current technical level. However, various methods of making artificial organs, i.e., using a 3D printer or using an animal’s internal body to make a human organ, might be available in the near future. Regience is aiming to become a leading company in this field.

We deepen the Japanese cutting-edge technologies including medical care and others on a business base and build the base for the next-generation industry

Innovative technologies including iPS cells are being created in Japan. We are aiming to utilize these technologies in the field of regenerative medical products and obtain the approval in foreign countries as well to sell these products. Besides, we are also aiming to develop one and only product in the world utilizing robotics and other manufacturing technologies. Regience would like to contribute to the emergence of these next-generation industries.